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Critical Presence
  Whether communicating one on one with patients, talking with families, or giving grand rounds, healthcare professionals need the focus to concentrate on the task at hand. Physicians and nurses lead patients through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Patients need a healthcare team with presence — the ability to be in the moment, authentic, and motivating. Likewise, subordinates and colleagues need their healthcare peers to be clear, concise and inspiring. Critical Presence controls critical situations.

Specific Skills and Exercises Available in:

Reading and Controlling the Environment
  • Instant Assessment of the Room
  • Room Generalship
  • Pivoting the Tone of the Room
Making Words Have Impact
  • Using Your Voice: Dynamic Paralanguage
  • Understanding Body Language
  • Avoiding Mixed Messages
All Eyes on You: Group Influence
  • Presentation Skills: Planning for Effect
  • Public Speaking and Presence
  • Conveying Passion and Conviction
Executive Coaching