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Critical Teams
  High-functioning healthcare teams depend on high-quality communication. The key to communication success is understanding the roles and relationships among physicians, nurses, and other healthcare team members. We tailor our training to emphasize the key aspects of communication that bolster patient safety such as successful hand-offs, dealing with team conflict, and understanding how role definitions change in critical situations.
Specific Skills and Exercises Available in:
Leadership Styles and Structure
  • The Mission and You
  • The Followers and You
  • Shaping Influence
High-Functioning Teams
  • Teams: Integrating for Success
  • Crews: Interoperating for Success
  • Transitions from Teams to Crews
Communication: Safety and Success
  • Handoffs: Avoiding Fumbles
  • Communicating Up and Down the Chain of Command
  • Back Channels: Your Critical Escape Hatch