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What People Are Saying
  "We are a tough, hard working, no nonsense type of Orthopaedic Department. We are hard to please. The Critical Communications Group was outstanding. The teaching was interactive, sensitive, and to the point. To a person, each participating resident in our Orthopaedic Department identified new communications tools as a result of this course that enhanced their professionalism. For example, one Chief Resident noted how he changed his behavior in the outpatient clinic. Instead of trying to leave a difficult patient in the outpatient clinic as quickly as he could, he sat down, listened carefully, empathized, and bonded. He did nothing else. And both the patient and he felt better when they parted. As a program director, I enjoyed watching the interaction between the residents and this engaging group of experts."
—Dr. Wilhelm Zhuelzer, Program Director and Vice Chair, Dept Orthopaedics, VCUHS
  "The curriculum material is well organized, innovative and well substantiated by research data. In addition, the workshop leaders tailored much of the information specifically for surgical trainees so they found it relevant and useful."
—Susan Haynes, MSW, Educational Administrator, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Surgery
  "You and your colleagues have remarkable ability to train and measure enhanced communication skills, obviously related to your years in Theatre. In my opinion you have masterful skills, which I have witnessed directly in your teaching of young residents in my Internal Medicine training program. These young physicians have greatly benefited by your sessions in connecting strongly with their patients in a positive fashion."
—Dr. Richard P. Wenzel, MD, MSc, Professor and Chairman VCU/MCV Department of Internal Medicine
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