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  "The CCG are outstanding. They are experts at teaching these techniques."
—Patti Gray, RN, PhD, Chair, Department of Nursing VCU/MCV
  "The capacity of your team to lead people who think they already know how to communicate because they have 'talked to people all their lives' has become essential to our training in the School of Nursing. Our students have demonstrated a remarkable pattern of growth in understanding their strengths and areas for improvement in effective professional/therapeutic communication and I anticipate the same significant outcomes as we integrate your curriculum throughout the three years of courses in Nursing. The ability to communicate effectively with patients, families, and a vast array of other health care professionals is an essential skill for nurses. Your team's skill at providing engaging yet evidence-based teaching with measurements for effectiveness of instruction is second to none."
—Nancy F. Langston, PhD, Dean, VCU School of Nursing
  "We are confident our members gained a deeper understanding of the issues and problems with which they wrestle every day; and, more important, they are now better equipped to solve those problems when they encounter them."
—Terence L. Graves, President, Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys 2007-08
Stanley P. Wellman, President 2008-09
  "Our surgery residents quickly became engaged and actively involved in their learning. They continue to comment today on how the information sharpened their awareness of tools and skills which have improved and enhanced their interactions with patients, as well as other members of the healthcare team."
—Dr. Brian J. Kaplan, MD, Program Director, General Surgery Residency, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Surgery
  "The workshop on Leadership Presence has become a core component of our programs. This workshop consistently receives high ratings from participants in both our Leadership Development Program and Higher Ground Women's Leadership Development Program. The training style and information provided are invaluable resources. The workshop takes participants through logical steps in how to enhance their leadership presence. Characterized as intense and in-the-moment, their hands-on method is extremely beneficial and enables our participants to fit all the pieces they know about leadership into an overall approach. This work increases participants' esteem to perform at all levels and leaves them ready to emerge as a leader in whatever their capacity."
—Dr. Grace E. Harris, Distinguished Professor, The Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University
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