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Training Highlights
  Modular – Our approach is designed in a modular format to allow for flexibility in timing and presentation of information. Half day, whole day, two day and extended training options are offered based on your organization's needs.
Interactive – We help organize your trainees into interactive small groups so that they can engage in numerous group activities and immersive learning experiences structured to provide the best adult learning climate.
Team Building – The work we do is serious, but we don't take ourselves that way. We create a relaxed climate that allows peer observation and facilitates mentorship within the group by acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses in communication.
Flexible – Our work is tailored to your needs. Each section of the work is adapted to the educational objectives of your organization's culture and goals. Click here for examples.
MeasurableClick here for information about Verifiable Results.

The skills taught significantly improved physicians' bedside manner and patient trust." —Forbes Magazine
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