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What We Do
Performance-Based Training
  Communicating One-to-one

Building connections and influence is about recognizing the unspoken dialogue in conversations. Highly-skilled physicians and nurses read non-spoken cues from patients and use these cues to discover deeper nuances, build rapport, and create therapeutic relationships. Recognizing these cues and responding in the moment to the patient is fundamental to providing meaningful and effective care. We teach the skills that build connections and create influence.
  Communicating with Groups

Implementing a great idea requires convincing others to follow a new direction. Delivering a compelling message depends on:
  • Presence
  • Clarity
  • Authenticity
  • Conviction
We teach how to engage the audience, read the moment, tailor the message, and get results. We teach how to convince others to take the right risk.
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"Their work leaves you ready to emerge as a leader in whatever your capacity." —Dr. Grace E. Harris, Grace Harris Leadership Institute
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