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"The Critical Communications Group was outstanding. The teaching was interactive, sensitive, and to the point." — Dr. Wilhelm Zhuelzer, Program Director and Vice Chair, Dept. Orthopaedics, VCUHS
Who We Are
  Diverse Clientele with Shared Needs

We teach powerful communication skills to physicians, nurses, business leaders,lawyers, and others. Our clientele are diverse but share a common goal: building professional relationships for influence and outcomes.
  A Proven Solution to a Communication Crisis

Communication skills, once the bedrock of medicine, have been pushed out of medical school curricula by time constraints, an increasing reliance on technology, and a lack of an evidence-based approach to communication training. Most of the communication training available is "touchyfeely," lacking in measurable skill sets, and impractical for bedside medical care. We realized that many of the skills we teach to performers – presence, authenticity, empathy, and clear communication – improve physicians' and nurses' communication. These skills can be objectively measured and studied and are directly linked to safe medical practice and successful patient outcomes.
  Rigorous, Tested, Innovative

Using experimental designs, we have shown that theater skills can be modified to teach doctors, that doctors can learn these skills, and that patients prefer doctors who have had this training. The publication of our research has generated interest from the lay press resulting in over 200 publications about our work in national and international media outlets. Because of this publicity, we have been asked to share our expertise with leaders in business and law. By combining theater-based curricula with team training protocols from healthcare and the military, we continue to develop the most powerful communication skills for critical communication.
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